Resources addressing practical challenges

commonly faced by hostages, wrongful detainees, and their families

In addition to the mental and physical challenges that former hostages, wrongful detainees, and their families face, a kidnapping or imprisonment can have ripple effects which carry over into every aspect of a family’s life and affairs.

Families often find themselves unprepared for the financial and practical difficulties created by a hostage taking or wrongful detention. Few families have experience with the large governmental agencies that will be tasked with managing their loved one’s case, and the deluge of information in the days and weeks following a kidnapping can be overwhelming. At the same time, the absence of the loved one who is being held hostage can transform everyday household and financial management obligations into significant burdens. Debt, childcare, balancing another career, and day to day finances can become significant stressors on top of an already stressful situation.

Once again, the most important thing a family can do to support the hostage is making sure that their own health and wellbeing are being taken care of as much as possible.

The resources listed here provide some guidance for former captives and their families facing the practical challenges that can result from a hostage taking or wrongful detention.

The following are created by Hostage US:

Here are some additional resources from outside Hostage US that may be helpful:

Wrongfully Detained US Citizens Family Resource Guide
This guide is written from the viewpoint of a family of someone falsely arrested and wrongfully detained in a case of hostage-diplomacy. Many of the same issues, including how to interact with Members of Congress and the Department of State and how to advocate in DC and manage the support for your loved one--and yourself--throughout the detention, are faced by families of wrongful detention, overseas disappearances, and hostage-taking by non-state actors.

The Hostage's Family and the Media
This free eBook was written for families who have a loved one wrongfully detained due to hostage diplomacy. It was written by the brother of a wrongful detainee and  contains his comments, suggestions, advice, and considerations for you to review as you make your own decisions about media engagement.
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