Laura Hoffner

Laura Hoffner is Executive Vice President of Risk Solutions at Concentric, a holistic security company based in the PNW. Prior to joining Concentric in 2020, Hoffner served 14 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer supporting elite special operations in combat zones and diplomatic opportunities around the world. In her military role, Laura was intimately familiar with over 30 hostage cases, focusing on the operational response and direct support to combined domestic and international governmental efforts. For her service, Laura was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

"After supporting hostage rescue efforts from the operational aspect from 2009-2020, I experienced first-hand the void that Hostage US filled since 2016 for hostages and their families. The support required in these harrowing circumstances supersede what most citizens will ever know. I've been a firm believer in the Hostage US mission set and am intimately aware of how crucial this support is to the hostage and their family both while they're away and-just as importantly-after they finally return home."