Jordan Somers

Jordan was born in London, England in 1986, preceded by his brother Luke, whom was also born in London in 1981.  He, his mom, Paula, Luke moved to the States in 1988 and have since resided on the West Coast.  Like his mom and Luke, Jordan has sought meaningful connections both near and far, including volunteer service with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, during which Luke and Jordan would exchange passionate tales between their respective places of residence – Nicaragua and Yemen.

Jordan, his mom and Luke grew up struggling financially which, he believes, has permitted a certain empathy that results from a direct experience and awareness with others of mutual socio-economic hardship.  These trials also called for a certain resourcefulness that has permitted their bohemian and curiosity-driven flames to remain lit.

Luke was kidnapped in September 2013, held hostage for 13 months and was killed in a rescue attempt in December 2014.

Jordan balances his time with as much knowledge acquisition, creative expression, and natural healing remedies as possible, in hopes to continue to share Luke’s story in a conducive and provocative manner; all while connecting with and helping others – in little and big ways – in the process.

“Mom and I still struggle immensely with Luke’s loss, in ways that make us feel utterly isolated, so I do thank you Hostage US for providing us with this outlet.”