Eric Lebson

Mr. Lebson’s career focuses the intersection of research, intelligence, and geopolitics. He served as a Director at the National Security Council (Afghanistan/Pakistan), at the Pentagon managing the Pakistan policy team, and as an exchange officer within the Australian Department of Defence. Prior to and after his government service, Mr. Lebson built and ran successful investigative and intelligence practices in the private sector, co-founding a global business intelligence firm where he now serves as a Managing Director. He also was a senior officer in a crisis communications firm, where he built the industry’s first-ever integrated business intelligence practice. For two years, Mr. Lebson provided pro bono support to an American hostage family, utilizing his government experience and regional expertise, while working with the family to manage substantial media interest. He has worked on a volunteer basis with several Hostage US families to help them assess and navigate issue related to media engagement and managing their public profile and regularly advises the US Government on hostage issues.