Desirée Winns


Desiree Winns is the Hostage US Coordinator and assists with operations, the support program, online communications, and social media.

Prior to coming to Hostage US, Desiree was an intern at NASA's Office of International and Interagency Relations, where she worked on U.S.-Russian collaboration in space and preparations for the Artemis 2 mission. She served as the Acting Communications Director for the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, promoting legislation to support Ukrainian soldiers and non-profits. Desiree has also interned at the Carter Center, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Renew Democracy Initiative, and the Aspen Institute. Since enrolling for her master's in International Affairs at the George Washington University, she has been selected for the U.S. Institute of Peace Mentorship, the Generations Dialogue Fellowship, and the Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security Fellowship. After graduating from George Washington in 2024, Desiree plans to continue her academic career with a PhD in Political Science.

A former film student, Desiree received her Bachelor's in Political Science from the University of Central Florida in 2022. After living in Hong Kong during the 2020 protests, she gained an interest in the studies of democracy and authoritarianism. This experience motivated her to support people fighting for freedom and protect their voices.