Our Support Services

You do not need to go through this alone – Hostage US is here to help you and offer support that is confidential and tailored to your specific needs.

Hostage US supports families of Americans taken hostage or wrongfully detained abroad and former hostages who have returned home and are rebuilding their lives.

Our website has information and guidance on what you might go through as a family member or as a former hostage when returning home. See the family support and hostage support sections for more specific information.

You can also get in contact to receive direct and tailored support from our team. When you get in contact, we will discuss your personal needs to identify the ways we can support you through this.

Through our support services, you will have a dedicated Hostage US supporter by your side every step of the way who will help to:

  • Talk about your experience and what you are going through,
  • Help you think through key decisions,
  • Connect you with others who have been through a similar experience,
  • Attend government meetings with you as a supporter and a note-taker,
  • Make travel arrangements for meetings, and
  • Help you to solve other practical problems that occur as a result of the hostage-taking.

We can connect you with professional services to help free of charge:

Pro bono legal help to help with issues such as a power of attorney, asset issues or property issues

Pro bono financial advisory to solve financial challenges such as liaising with debtors to manage the hostage’s finances and tax filings for returned hostages

Identify mental health practitioners in your home town who are specialized in trauma and accept your insurance

Connections to media experts to help you make informed decisions on media

Connections to country experts to understand the country and region your loved one is being held

Medical care for returned hostages through our hospital partners who will provide medical and dental checkups so they can return home with a long-term health plan


Family Support

If you are a family member with a loved one taken hostage, please visit the following pages for resources and information:

Hostage Support

If you are a former hostage, please visit the following pages for resources and information:

Contact us

If you are a family member or former hostage looking for direct support, contact us