How Hostage US can help you

Seminars and training

Hostage US is here to help you to deal with the human dynamics of a kidnapping. We offer a comprehensive education program of seminars and tailored training for organizations to help you to understand how to support families and returning hostages, during and after a kidnapping. See Seminars and Training.


Advice on best practices

We are the go to for good practice on family support and hostage reintegration. We produce a regular flow of how to guides on issues such as helping families to cope, dealing with the media and social media, reintegration to home life and reintegration to the workplace. If you have suggestions of guides and resources you think we should produce, get in touch. See Best practices.

Support in the event of a kidnapping

We are also on hand to offer ad hoc support to organizations experiencing a kidnapping. Whether you need advice on how to handle the first contact or delivering bad news, or would like to check you have covered all the relevant support bases, please get in touch.