Many organizations have policies and procedures to handle the operational response to a kidnapping – but do not have a plan for the human dynamics. Hostage US seminars and training teach you best practice in duty of care for your employees and their families in the event of a kidnapping. 

Experience shows that looking after families and returning hostages has a positive impact, not only on those impacted, but on your organization, workforce and reputation. Hostage US seminars around the country and on-site training help organizations achieve best practice in family support and hostage reintegration. See our education program video and our events.

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Hostage US seminars are aimed at security, human resources, legal and communications professionals from corporations, humanitarian and faith-based organizations, and educational institutions. In this section, you can learn more and sign up for current seminars or to receive information for future events.

Hostage US offers tailored on-site training packages for organizations. We can deliver half-day, one-day or two-day packages for colleagues across the organization – security, human resources, legal, and corporate communications. Here you will find information on how our training works, what you will learn and how to get in touch to discuss further.

Hostage US offers consultancy services and guidance on your family and hostage support programs. Perhaps you would like us to review your family liaison policy, or help you to plan the return to work of a colleague who has been released from captivity. Learn more here about how we can help.

In this section you will find practical advice on how you can best prepare so you are ready to support a hostage’s, as well as your employee when they return to work.