Many organizations have policies and procedures to handle the operational response to a kidnapping – but do not have a plan for the human dynamics. Experience shows that looking after families and returning hostages has a positive impact, not only on those impacted, but on your organization, workforce and reputation. Hostage US seminars and on-site training help organizations understand the best practices in family support and hostage reintegration.

Hostage US offers consultancy services and can share guidance on family and hostage support programs. Perhaps you would like us to review your family liaison policy, or help you to plan the return to work of a colleague who has been released from captivity. Learn more here about how we can help.

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Hostage US hosts day-long seminars across the US to teach organizations how to support employees and their families during and after a kidnapping. Hostage US seminars are aimed at security, human resources, legal and communications professionals from global corporations, humanitarian, faith-based, and educational institutions.

Throughout the day, participants hear and learn from:

  • Personal stories from former hostages and their families,
  • Insights from senior representatives from organizations that have handled a staff kidnapping,
  • Experiences from senior US Government officials
  • Advice from media advisers, and
  • Information from leading psychiatrists on how to deal with the impacts of trauma.

We are pleased to offer discounts to members of ISMA, INSSA and the ASIS International CSO Roundtable. We also routinely offer special offers for non-profits.

See our events for additional information on upcoming seminars.


Hostage US offers tailored on-site trainings for organizations on handling the human dynamics of kidnapping. Drawing on our team’s knowledge and experience of supporting hundreds of families and former hostages over many years, we can help your organization to understand and implement effective policies for family support and hostage reintegration.

Tell us about your business and risk profile and we will tailor the training to your needs. Whether you are interested in a half-day, one-day or two-day training, we will work with you and your organization to find a training solution that fits your needs.


Hostage US is pleased to offer consultancy services as needed for organizations looking for in-depth assistance with family support and hostage reintegration programs. Our consultancy service is tailored to your needs and charged on a daily rate.

We are able to work with you on a variety of procedures and policies for your organizations. Some examples include:

  • Review and help update your EAP or your family liaison policy
  • Produce a script for key moments such as first contact with family or handling a proof of life conversation, or
  • Produce a bespoke reintegration plan for a colleague returning from captivity.

Whatever your needs, whether it interest in attending a seminar, holding a tailored training at your organization or working with our expertise on a consultancy project – get in touch and we will have a no commitment conversation to explore how we can help.