Issues That Must Be Anticipated and Provided For in the Event of Family Reunification

  • Where will the family reunion occur?
  • Who should be there when the hostage arrives? Who will be there? Close or extended family? Friends?
  • Who decides who an appropriate person to be there is?
  • Will the media be an intrusive presence? If so, how will they be managed? Who will do it? Who will make them?
  • What, if anything, will the authorities require of the hostage? When?
  • When will the hostage receive a physical checkup? Who will perform it?
  • What if the hostage is released in the middle of the night, or needs immediate medical assistance? Will the physician be available?
  • What if the hostage needs medication, such as sleeping tablets or tranquilizers, immediately? Can they be procured quickly and easily at night?
  • Is there a supply on hand of any medications the hostage requires or is likely to need?
  • What if the hostage requires a dental checkup and treatment?
  • If the hostage reception will take place somewhere outside of the family home, is a bag packed and ready to go with all the things the returning hostage is likely to need?
  • Who will coordinate and provide transportation if necessary?



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