Returning to work

Many returning hostages struggle to know when and how best to return to work. Some may want a long period of rehabilitation, while others might want to go back to work straight away. This is a personal choice and everyone is different. Try to pace yourself and take notice of how you feel mentally and physically. Download the Hostage US Reintegration Guide.

Return to work interview

When you do return to work, it is advisable to request a ‘return to work interview’, where you can talk through issues, such as the number of hours you will work, the types of tasks you will do and any challenges you might face, such as levels of concentration, dealing with stress, or having to travel overseas, possibly to the same country where you were kidnapped.

Managing your return

When you have returned to work, try not to put too much pressure on yourself in order to appear that you are coping well. If you are having problems, talk them through with your manager as soon as possible so you can find a way through them. It might be a good idea to ask for your organization to select a point of contact for you outside your management line. This might enable you to open up more about how you are doing. Hostage US can help to advise you on how best to organize your return to work.