Hostage US Services

You do not need to go through this alone – Hostage US is here to help you and offer support that is tailored to your needs – confidential and free of charge.

You will have a dedicated Hostage US supporter by your side every step of the way.

Through our support program, we can:

  • Talk about your experience and what you are going through
  • Help you think through key decisions
  • Link you with others who have been through a similar experience
  • Attend government meetings with you as a supporter and a note taker
  • Make travel arrangements for meetings
  • Help you to solve other practical problems that occur as a result of a kidnapping

We can connect you with professional services for help free of charge:

  • Pro bono legal help to help with issues such as power of attorney, asset issues or property issues
  • Pro bono financial advisory to solve financial challenges such as liaising with debtors to manage the hostage’s finances and tax filings for returned hostages
  • Identify mental health practitioners in your hometown who are specialized in trauma and accept your insurance
  • Connections to media experts to help you make informed decisions on media
  • Medical care for returned hostages through our hospital partners who will provide medical and dental checkups so they can return home with a long-term health plan

Download a PDF of this information here.