Hostage US Launches Training for Organizations on Family Support and Hostage Reintegration

Hostage US launched tailored training available to organizations to educate employers on Duty of Care obligations to their employees in the case of an international kidnapping.

Many organizations have tried and tested policies and procedures to handle to operational response to a kidnapping – covering prevention and response, yet most have not thought through the human dynamics of a hostage incident. Experience shows that properly supporting families and returning hostages during and after the crisis has a positive influence – not just on those affected, but equally on the organization and its wider workforce.

Hostage US will train and equip your business on their Duty of Care obligations to your employees, sub-contractors, and their dependents. We will work with you to design and deliver a custom training package tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Hostage US offers half-day, full day and two-day packages for on-site training.

Training is delivered where possible by Rachel Briggs, Executive Director, who herself has supported more than one hundred families and hostages over a 12-year period. Our training represents the best practices in family support and hostage reintegration.

Topics to customize for each training program include:

  • The basics of family support
  • Family liaison personnel
  • Organizational issues
  • Media and social media
  • Supporting hostages and families post-release or following death
  • Reintegration into the workplace

Training costs start from $4,000 for a half-day, $6,000 for a full-day, and $8,000 for a two-day session.

To find out more about our training courses, please visit or contact We would be pleased to arrange a call to discuss your training needs.