Hostage US relies on the generosity and hard work of many individuals and organizations. They donate. They give their time. And they connect us to other amazing people. Get involved – and help us to further our mission of supporting hostages and their families.

Hostage US provides support, guidance and professional services to families going through one of the most painful and difficult experiences – having a loved one kidnapped. Hear more about how we help and why our work matters.

WhyourworkYou can help us to help families and hostages by making a donation, responding to our latest appeal, organizing a fundraising activity in your community or workplace or spreading the word about the good work we do to encourage your friends and family to donate.

donateHostage US is able to help because good people give their money, time and expertise. Get in touch – and get involved!


volunteer You can volunteer for Hostage US. Maybe you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, financial advisor, or lawyer and could give a few hours a month to help a family or hostage in need? Maybe you have time to help Hostage US organize an event or send out an appeal? Or maybe you are a student and could help us to locate new research and resources on kidnapping and its impact on families and hostages?

To view a list of current job openings and for information about internships at Hostage US please visit the Jobs and Internships page.