Initial considerations

Nothing can prepare you for the news that a loved one has been kidnapped. You might feel scared, confused or disorientated. You might find it hard to believe that it has actually happened. You will be worried about their welfare and what you can do to help get them home safely. You can get through this. Most hostages come home safely, and families just like yours have survived the experience and gone on to live happy lives after it is over. You are not alone. Hostage US is here to offer support, information and guidance.

What to expect

Every kidnapping is different so it is difficult to predict exactly what to expect. How the kidnapping will play out will depend on the group holding your loved one, where they are, what is happening in that place at the time, the identity of the hostage, and what the group wants. You are likely to be in contact with the US government throughout, and perhaps also a private security company, or advisors on different topics. Hostage US can help you to make sense of things in these early days.

How Hostage US can help

Hostage US is here for you. We have many years of experience supporting families like yours. We are independent of any other interest group, such as the government or private sector, so we are here just for you. We can offer personal support. We can provide access to a range of professionals willing to offer support free of charge, such as lawyers or financial advisors. We can help you to access expert counseling. We can assist with the practical problems that can arise during a kidnapping. We can help you to understand how to get the best out of government and others dealing with the kidnapping. We will be there for you for as long as it takes and all our support is offered free of charge. See more about Hostage US.