Having a family member kidnapped can be a frightening experience. You will need support, information and advice. You do not have to go through this alone – Hostage US is here for you.

On our website, you will find information, guides, and links to other resources such as films and podcasts that can help you to get through this. If there is anything you can’t find, please contact us as we will do our best to help.

initialconsiderationsThe first few days and weeks following a kidnapping can be confusing and disorientating as you come to terms with what has happened. In this section you will find information about what to do and what to expect in those first days and weeks.

PracticalCoping Kidnappings bring a great deal of new challenges and issues to families. Here, you will find guidance on how to cope, how to look after yourself and your family, dealing with the challenges of sleep and health, and advice on how to organize information related to the case.

Practical Challenges2

Practical day to day struggles are common when dealing with a kidnapping. In this section, you will find information on some of the practical problems you might experience, such as handling household finances, dealing with the media, what to do about social media, work, and some of the impacts of ongoing stress and anxiety.

support_teenagers2Supporting your children through a kidnapping can be difficult, but in this section you will find help and guidance on how to communicate with and support young people.


Drawing on the experience of families that have been through this before, in this section you will find practical information about how to prepare for the return of your loved one.


Although the majority of hostages come home safely, it is advisable to prepare for if the hostage does not return. In this section you will find advice on considerations and practical guidance to be ready for this outcome.