Vicarious Trauma Tool Kit

This article from the Office of Victims of Crime covers vicarious trauma, its symptoms and its effects. It covers who is at risk for experiencing vicarious trauma and suggestions to minimize risk for experiencing it.

Vicarious Trauma

This article touches upon the different types of symptoms that are associated with vicarious trauma, varying from behavioral to cognitive. It discusses the effects of vicarious trauma on mental health and self-care tips to prevent or reduce risk for vicarious trauma.

Working with Trauma Survivors: What Workers Need to Know

This article from the US Department of Veterans Affairs touches upon different reactions that trauma survivors can have when receiving treatment and how to best accommodate these. It also touches upon vicarious trauma and the effects it can have on a worker in both the professional and personal setting.

Vicarious Trauma Fact Sheet

This fact sheet helps explain different signs and symptoms of someone experiencing vicarious trauma and how it can effect a person in both a professional and personal setting.