Hostage US Article: Hostage US Education Program: Supporting Your Employees & Their Families

Hostage US Education Program: Supporting Your Employees & Their Families By Liz Cathcart. May 2024 Organizations sending employees abroad bear a responsibility to assist the families of their staff if a worker is captured while on international assignment. Additionally, they have a responsibility to assist in the employee’s reintegration once they have been released. Your organization might be in this … Read More

Terry Anderson In Memoriam

Hostage US is deeply saddened by the loss of Terry Anderson. Terry was taken hostage by Hezbollah militants in Lebanon in 1985, and he remained a hostage until his release in 1991. Since his release, he has given back to many causes, including supporting Hostage US by sharing his expertise in hostage family needs and addressing the needs of former … Read More

Hostage US 2023 Annual Reception Sponsorship

Spring, 2023 • Washington, DC View Sponsorship Opportunities Hostage US responds to over 80 inquiries a year from families seeking support as their loved one is being held captive abroad. When captives return home after months or years of captivity, we help them to rebuild their lives. Hostage US provides emotional support and pro bono professional legal assistance, financial advice, … Read More

Hostage & Wrongful Detainment Entities and Stakeholders

Download a PDF of this guide here. There are several people, organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits that might be involved in response or engagement when an American is taken hostage or detained overseas. While Hostage US is completely non-operational and we cannot assist in any response efforts of a hostage situation (i.e., advise on response strategy or be involved in … Read More

Hostage US 2022 Annual Reception Program

Thursday, April 28 In-person and virtual Thank you for your interest in our 2022 Annual Reception, and thank you to all the sponsors who support the work we do. View or download a PDF of the program here.

Fundraising Toolkit for Families of Wrongful Detainees or Hostages

Dealing with the practical challenges of a hostage taking or wrongful detention, including financial issues, managing social media and communications, can add to an already stressful situation for families. Often, families experience financial problems because of the kidnapping or wrongful detention. Your family may be impacted by the loss of your loved one’s income and your ability to earn an … Read More

Hostage US Services

You do not need to go through this alone – Hostage US is here to help you and offer support that is tailored to your needs – confidential and free of charge. You will have a dedicated Hostage US supporter by your side every step of the way. Through our support program, we can: Talk about your experience and what … Read More

Panel Discussion: What Security Managers Need to Know When an Employee is Taken Hostage

ASIS International What Security Managers Need to Know When an Employee is Taken Hostage Despite a robust travel risk mitigation program, an employee is taken hostage. What’s next? Many organizations have plans to get a hostage home. But most have not thought through how they will support that employee’s family during the crisis or what will happen once the hostage is released. Why does it matter to … Read More

Hostage US Article: Hostage Shaming

Hostage US Article, July 2021 Hostage Shaming By Winnie Lee Shame is one of the most painful, toxic, and self-destructive emotions a person can have. It involves feelings of guilt, regret, embarrassment, or sadness surrounding the belief that you have done something wrong. Jessica Buchanan, who was held in Somalia for 93 days, says that “shame is probably the number … Read More

2020 Annual Report

View the interactive Hostage US 2020 Annual Report by clicking the thumbnail below. On mobile devices, please view a PDF of the report here 2020 Annual Report.

‘You feel blessed’ — Former Lincolnite released from Congolese prison

Lincoln Journal Star: Marcel Pika Released from Congolese Prison   By Peter Salter, Lincoln Journal Star January 8, 2018 He woke Christmas morning in Omaha to a half-dozen missed calls and messages — from his mother in the Republic of Congo, from a man who knew what went on where his father was imprisoned. Percy Pika had grown to fear … Read More