The Debrief Process for Former Captives

After a hostage or detainee returns home from captivity, they are often asked to take part in different types of de-brief; by law enforcement to gather intelligence and information to help with a prosecution or gain understanding of the group that held them; by their employer to gather lessons learned about what happened to improve policies and procedures; or to … Read More

Former Hostage Reintegration: A Quick Guide

Being held hostage or detained – whether for a few days, weeks, months or even years – can be a terrifying and life changing experience. No matter how long you were held for, it can take time to heal and recover. Hostage US is here to help you each step of the way. What you might experience It is not … Read More

Considering Book Deals as a Former Hostage

Hostage US does not have expertise on securing book deals or selling life rights. However, after consulting with former hostages and family members who have been through this process, along with a number of agents, we have produced this brief which explains the basic options open to those wishing to tell their story, along with a list of agents we … Read More

Surviving Survival with Jessica Buchanan

Jessica Buchanan, held captive in Somalia for 93 days, talks about the challenges of “surviving survival” and the importance of a peer-to-peer network for newly returned hostages.

Supporting a Loved One After Release

As a family member, you might be wondering how you can help support your loved one who was recently released. The guidance below explains some areas to focus on and some challenges to look out for as your loved one is rebuilding their life. Hostage US can help your loved one with reintegration and rebuilding their life after being held … Read More

Financial Considerations for Families

While your loved one is being held hostage, you might find yourself overseeing their finances. This guide will give you an idea of what to consider as you are working through their finances. It will help have an organized list of everything related to your loved one’s finances either in a notebook or in a protected document on your computer. … Read More

Social Media Tips to Increase Engagement

This document provides high level suggestions for families of hostages and wrongful detainees advocating for the return of their loved one on social media, and Twitter in particular. These suggestions are intended to help create compelling and impactful content to increase engagement and reach. If you are working with a media consultant, it is important to speak with that person … Read More

Preparing an Agenda and Questions for Meetings with Government Officials

Guidance: Taking time to create an agenda and a list of questions for your meeting with government officials will ensure that you address your top concerns regarding your case.  As you write your questions, keep them short and separated.  If you ask too many questions all at once, you are less likely get answers for everything.  Since you will have … Read More

Planning for In-Person Meetings with government officials

The following questions can be asked of the government when you are traveling to Washington, DC to meet with government officials. Travel Can the you set up travel logistics such as flights and hotels? Can you pay directly for the travel costs? Can you make the hotel reservations? The government occasionally has negotiated rates at pre-set government approved locations. Family … Read More

Hostage US Services

You do not need to go through this alone – Hostage US is here to help you and offer support that is tailored to your needs – confidential and free of charge. You will have a dedicated Hostage US supporter by your side every step of the way. Through our support program, we can: Talk about your experience and what … Read More

Creating a Family Member Fact Sheet

Creating a factsheet for a family member being held hostage is a useful way to consolidate the plight of the family’s efforts to get the hostage home if they have decided to go public with the story. The fact sheet can be sent to journalists who typically want to read something short and concise. At first contact, journalists are not … Read More

A List of Resources for Self Help and Resiliency

Here you will find a list of resources compiled by the Hostage US network of supporters and beneficiaries. These websites, apps, and books have been found to be useful in self-directed wellbeing.  These are resources for resilience, stress management, living with trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more. Other suggestions for managing stress and anxiety include maintaining a daily routine, … Read More

The Trauma Therapy Network of Hostage US

Stephen Regal explains the importance of having a network of trauma therapy providers who can offer specialized care to hostages and their families.  Hostage US can help you find a trained provider in your area.

Family Health During a Kidnapping

When a family hears a loved one is captured, it’s shocking.  In this video, Kristen Mulvihill describes the challenges families face when a loved one is held hostage, and how critical it is to take care of yourself and maintain a sense of routine to make it through. Family health during a kidnapping from Hostage US on Vimeo.