Victims’ Families Mourn Without Body

This article discusses the grief felt by those who lost loved ones to 9/11 and were not able to retrieve the bodies. It discusses the challenge of mourning and grieving a loved one without a body.

Grieving With No Body

This article discusses the challenges of understanding and processing grief from the loss of a loved one with no body. It focuses on the real life story of Donna Carnes, whose husband disappeared sailing in 2007.

Understanding Grief

This article helps those experiencing grief understand their emotions and the grieving process. It discusses different situations in which one can feel grief, symptoms of grief and treatments.

How Grief Can Make You Sick

In this article, Everyday Health explains the correlation between grief and sickness. It covers grief and exhaustion, depression, substance abuse and more.

Preparing For the Worst- Death with no body

This article, “Bad Grief! When No Body Comes Home” talks about how not having a body to bury can negatively affect the grieving process. The article gives tips on how to deal with having a funeral without the body. Some of their suggestions are to have pictures or videos displayed and to create a memorial table filled with important items … Read More