Hostage US Article: He’s Home! Now What?

He’s Home! Now What? 3 women talk about reuniting with their loved ones after a wrongful detention. By Katie Symansky- Hunter, April 2023 *The names of individuals and countries are changed for the sake of confidentiality. When your partner is taken away from you, held in a prison cell in a hostile country, and held for no other reason than … Read More

Hostage US Article: Finding Your Center in the Eye of the Storm

Finding Your Center in the Eye of the Storm Hostage US Article By: Katie Symansky Hunter, January 2023 When a loved one is taken hostage or wrongfully detained, it can feel like a cycle of unending ups and downs, alternating hope and worry, optimism, and despair, while we ourselves are prisoners of the uncertainty and shifting tides of changing expectations. … Read More

Hostage US 2022 Annual Report

Please take some time to read about our accomplishments over the past year in our 2022 Annual Report. Thank you for your commitment to our critical mission. View the Annual Report here. Download the Annual Report here.

Hostage US Article: Navigating the Phases of a Long-Running Case

Navigating the Phases of a Long-Running Case Hostage US Article By Winnie Lee, August, 2022 It can be hard to imagine learning the news that your loved one has been wrongfully detained or kidnapped in another country, far from home. For families navigating long-running cases, months turn to years and while new challenges and issues arise, Hostage US works to … Read More

Hostage US Article: Finding Purpose After a Kidnapping

Finding Purpose After a Kidnapping Hostage US Article July 2022 By Winnie Lee “I believed my purpose died out there in the desert – but it didn’t.” It has been ten years since Jessica Buchanan was released after 93 days of being held hostage by Somali pirates, and although she has come a long way, it has not been easy. … Read More

The Family’s Perspective: Miles Hargrove on “Miracle Fishing”

The Family’s Perspective: Miles Hargrove discusses the making of his feature film, Miracle Fishing, which documents his father’s kidnapping Miles Hargrove’s father, Tom, was kidnapped in Colombia in 1994 while working as an agricultural scientist. During the 11 months of his captivity, his wife Susan encouraged their son Miles to pick up his Super-8 camera to capture some of the … Read More

What Doesn’t Kill Us: A guide to overcoming adversity and moving forward

Stephen Joseph gives the reader six steps to help manage our emotions and navigate adversity. These steps can help individuals find new meaning and purpose in their lives. In What Doesn’t Kill Us, Joseph challenges  people to look at the positive in difficult situations. To purchase this book, click on the link below:

Trauma: From Lockerbie to 7/7: How Trauma Affects Our Minds and How We Fight Back

This book by Gordon Turnbull discusses the history and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Turnbull tells stories of some of the people he has treated over the years and how he was able to help them rebuild their lives. Purchase this interesting book by clicking on the link below:

Post traumatic Stress: The Facts

  In this book Post-traumatic Stress: The Facts, authors Stephen Regel and Steven Joseph inform the audience of what PTSD is and other problems survivors might experience. The book touches on the types of support that should be provided in the early stages for individuals and their families. Purchase this book by clicking below: 

Grief in Children: A Handbook for Adults by Atle Dyregrov

Atle Dyregrov’s handbook discusses how children may react to the death of a loved one. He talks about how children are a lot more aware of situations then parents think and if parents are not open with them, it could lead to the children being confused. He also lists some possible ways that children could react to this horrible news. Check out … Read More

Coming Home | Royal Navy Guide

The Royal Navy created a booklet that can be used to help individuals returning home “recognize and deal with any pressures and issues that arise on their return from operational duties”. They discuss how individuals might respond once they come back home, the effects of talking about your experiences, how to cope, and ways that families can help survivors. To … Read More

Hostage Retrieval

Gordon Turnbull reviews “the facts and the emotional reactions” related to hostage situations in this article for the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. Turnbull discusses the physical and psychological effects of being tortured, solitary and group confinement, and the process of debriefing prisoners-of-war and hostages. Read more of this interesting article below:

Preparing For the Worst- Death with no body

This article, “Bad Grief! When No Body Comes Home” talks about how not having a body to bury can negatively affect the grieving process. The article gives tips on how to deal with having a funeral without the body. Some of their suggestions are to have pictures or videos displayed and to create a memorial table filled with important items … Read More