About Hostage US

Hostage US is a 501c3 organization that ensures American hostages, wrongful detainees and their families get the support and guidance they need to survive the challenge of a kidnapping. We provide support free of charge and on a fully confidential basis. We are independent of any private interests so we can serve the needs of hostages and their families. We are family first – family last.

Hostage US is not involved in operational responses to kidnappings – we do not negotiate, raise ransoms or advise on any of these options. We cannot help to bring a loved one back, but we can make a frightening and lonely experience more bearable through care, support, information and access to top tier professional services.

If you are a family member or former hostage seeking support, get in touch or learn more about our family and hostage support services here.

Our people have a unique range of experience – we are former hostages and their family members, we are subject matter experts, we are former diplomats and those who have worked previously on kidnap cases, we are professionals from fields such as legal, financial advisory services, health and mental health. We have a nationwide network to support hostages and families wherever they are, and whatever their needs.

Families and hostages experiencing a kidnapping do not need to go through this alone - Hostage US exists to support them every step of the way.

Hostage US also trains employers to deliver high quality support to families and returning hostages. We do this through our Education Program, offering a range of seminars, events and training for organizations whose staff have a risk of kidnapping.

Our Mission

To ensure hostage families and returning hostages get the assistance they need through the direct provision of support and by helping them to access the resources available from the government and other organizations 

To increase the capacity of employers to support hostage families and returning hostages through training and education 

To improve public recognition of the plight of hostage families and returning hostages